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Camping ¿What do i need for a camping trip?

24 enero, 2018
Tienda para camping

In order to have a good camping experience it is required to have the right equipment, so take note of the short but useful list of objects that you will need. ¿Why is it important that the list is short?, because you should focus only on what is necessary to survive.


What to take to a camping trip

List of the most important equipment:

Think of the basics, such as food, clothing and camping equipment (for the shelter) and remember to take only what is definitely necessary. When you do hiking, camping or some similar activities with which you can be in contact with nature, you will not miss the luxuries you have in your home, in your town or city. Plan your trip well to get the most out of the experience, disconnect and enjoy the peace you can find.

1- Food to go camping

Special foods made especially for camping and trekking with backpacks, are very good but expensive. It is better to prepare your own meals in individual portions and pack them in the zipper bags. Plan three complete meals and some snacks for the day. If you plan to camp in a distant place it is recommended to bring food for an extra day. It is also necessary to have available some pans and utensils that suit your camping style.

2- Bottled water

Bring bottles of water to fill and fill them at every opportunity. The products to purify the water are necessary in the field.

3- Camp (refuge)

A camping tent offers protection against climate changes and prevents some animals from bothering you or looking for food while you sleep. Take your sleeping bag taking into account the climate to which you will be exposed. Equip yourself with a small mattress and a thermal blanket if you are going to be in cold weather.

equipment for camping

4- Camping clothes

One change of clothes per day and extra socks for the night are enough. If you want to reduce your load to a minimum take less clothes, wash and rotate, this depends on the number of days you plan to be camping. Wear a jacket for the night and if necessary sunglasses.

5- Personal care

Toilet paper serves its intended purpose and many other uses, as simple as blowing your nose. It also works as an emergency tinder to light fires. Pack the necessary personal items, keep in mind the basic ones like, and again, water and soap. Remember to include sunscreen.

6- Safety and first aid

Pack powerful flashlights, spare batteries, a multipurpose knife, matches or lighters (in a plastic bag so they are always dry) and cures for possible blisters. Include a first aid kit that contains packs of clean antiseptic wipes, sterile gauze, adhesive tape and bandages.

7- Have fun

Go camping! It is something you will never forget.

Featured image source: Nathanael Billings