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Economic food for camping

6 marzo, 2018

Preparing economic food for camping is simple if you plan ahead. It is very important to carry a good amount of aluminum foil inside your utensils. With this implement you can cook different types of food such as potatoes, meats, breakfast foods and even desserts.

Cooking when you go camping

It is your choice what type of aluminum foil to use, be it the most resistant or the thinnest (you can use it double to wrap your food). With any of them you can prepare delicious food and take care of your pocket. It is popular with hikers to carry a simple oven with a frying pan or a gas-based portable stove, but you can always use the coals of a campfire to prepare your food.

If you plan to go camping and prepare an economic menu, follow these tips. Being creative and mixing different recipes to achieve good results.

7 economic recipes for camping

There are many possibilities you have when cooking when you are camping. It depends a lot on your tastes, but these are some simple and delicious recipes.

economic food for camping

1- Potatoes with bacon: place a few pieces of bacon, a handful of golden potatoes, several rings of peppers and onions and a raw egg (with peel) inside a sheet of aluminum foil. Adjust the package well and put it on the coals.

2- Eggs with banana: chop a ripe banana into small pieces and pour it into a saucepan placed on the gas stove. Stir constantly until well fried and add ten raw eggs. You can add salt to taste and a little sugar to sweeten. Mix for a while until they are at the point, accompany with bread and eat! (It is one of the cheapest recipes of this economic food for camping menu).

3- Train Wreck: a recipe known among children explorers, yields about six or seven servings. Cook a packet of bacon and other of sausages in a pan on the gas stove. In another bowl heat a good amount of golden potatoes until crisp. Mix twelve raw eggs with the potatoes and let them cook for a while. Finally add the bacon and sausages and add a little salt to taste.

Food for camping

4- Eggs with bread and ham: fry or cook one or several eggs (depending on the number of servings) either in a pan or in aluminum foil. Cut the bread in half, place a bit of ham and add the previously fried eggs. Simple and tasty recipe.

You can always improvise, make a cheap menu for camping is very simple, you just need to be a little creative

5- Potatoes: you can turn an ordinary potato into a cheap and flavorful camping meal. It is very simple, just cut the potato in half and pierce several sides with a fork so you can make sure it cooks well. Wrap it in aluminum foil and place it on the coals for half an hour. When it is at the point remove it and add butter or any other type of dressing you want to accompany it. This is probably the most economic food for camping you can cook.

6- Potatoes with meat: the procedure with the potatoes is the same as the previous one. Wrap a piece of raw meat in the foil and place it on the coals. Check the inside regularly until the meat is well cooked. You can wrap it with a few rings of onion or peppers to gain more flavor.


7- Sandwiches: when it comes to cheap food, sandwiches always come to the rescue. You can make them as you like, with ham, with cheese, with butter, with sauce, with any dressing you can think of. Prepare them at any time of the day and in the amount you want. If you like you can place the bread on the pan and step on it with a spoon or fork for a while to get a little toasted.

Eating well is of vital importance when you’re camping, get ready, plan ahead and enjoy nature.