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¿What should i bring in my backpack for a field trip?

2 septiembre, 2017

Make a field trip for a few hours or for several days, leave the city behind and venture to be in natural spaces that make us feel part of nature, having that cosmic connection is a great experience that we can experience easily. Our backpack is one of our best friends when we are going to a trip, for that and many others reasons it is important to know the best way to pack it.

The best way to pack my backpack

Going to hike with the closest people, friends, family or partner is an easy plan to carry out. Only some free time is needed. A field trip is definitely the best way to combine relaxation and physical activity.

Go to hike
Let’s go to hike

As we have said in other publications, we must prepare well. If we do, hiking is going to be successful and totally pleasant:

How to prepare the backpack for a field trip:

Steps to follow:

  • Initially you should choose a backpack, backpack or briefcase that is specialized for this type of hiking activities, especially if it is a long-term outing or if we are going to expose ourselves to extreme climatic conditions. These type of backpacks are classified by liters of capacity. The larger ones have between 40 and 80 liters and the smaller ones between 15 and 30 liters approximately.
  • If it is for a trip of short duration you can use a backpack or bag of everyday use that is comfortable. If you are going to walk long distances this is going to be a factor that determines your stamina. Over time your physical condition will improve considerably, especially if the practice of hiking is constant, but carrying a small backpack for trips of few hours is always a factor to take into account.
  • Before packing check the condition of the backpack, its interior, the pockets and especially the zippers. This way you can optimize the space to the maximum and take everything you need.

When filling the backpack you should establish a list of items that will be necessary and you will have to carry with you.

what should i bring in my backpack

Main articles:

  • Comfortable clothes. Wear the clothes to do sport that you like, try to wear long pants, some T-shirt and cotton socks so your feet do not hurt because of the long walk.
  • A multipurpose penknife (Swiss) or some tool that will help you solve any problems that may arise along the way.
  • A candle or matches. Pack them in something where the outside humidity is limited.
  • First aid kit for any eventuality.
  • Sunscreen to avoid burning your skin exposed to the sun.

If you are going to spend several nights during your field trip, it is important to have the equipment necessary for the camping.

  • When you are packing the backpack, extends the whole equipment in a wide place to have good visibility of what you think to take, of this form you will be able to make a checklist more effective and have total confidence that you have everything necessary.
  • It is important to distribute the items in the backpack intelligently. Those things that you will use initially or frequently use should go at the top, while the accessories that will be used less should be placed in the bottom.

Backpack for a field trip

Important when preparing the backpack:

  • Small outer pockets are best for storing smaller items and being able to use them with ease.
  • Group your things in an orderly manner, if you take several shirts with you for example, keep them together.
  • Underwear and socks should be stored in a plastic bag to prevent them from getting wet due to unexpected rain or any liquid that we carry with us and accidentally spilled.
  • If the trip is long, it is essential to have a complete change of clothing inside an airtight bag to avoid moisture from rain.

Weight of luggage

  • The weight of the backpack must be balanced. Considering this, it is desirable that the heaviest be in the middle. Be careful with recharging more one side that another because this will affect your back. It is recommended that the hardest and sharp objects do not go in the back of your luggage. You will prevent them from leaning on your back and the trip be annoying.
  • Before leaving to carry out the Hiking route, it is necessary to check the weight of the backpack so that it is balanced, load it, walk a little and make sure that you are completely comfortable before starting the adventure.