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How to equip for hiking

5 septiembre, 2017
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Hiking is a healthy, fun and entertaining activity. It is the perfect way to know the world, to visit beautiful places, to experience a direct encounter with nature, in short the best way to spend a whole day, or why not several days, enjoying and exercising at the same time. We need to know how to equip for hiking and enjoy all the experience.

Hiking Equipment

When we are going to leave in our first adventures we are assaulted by many doubts … “okay, I want to do trekking, I want to know every region of my country, I want to find myself, I want to do everything, but ¿what do I need to do it right?”

First of all you have to clarify something: there is no right or wrong way to do it, but it is always better to be well equipped and not have to go through an uncomfortable, unfortunate or dangerous situation because of not being prepared to face the adventure.

Boots for hiking
Boots for Hiking

Hiking is not a sport reserved for specialists, of course not, anyone can start on foot routes, in this art of hiking, to be a mountaineer. For it to be a success it will be necessary that you prepare consciously the equipment and everything that you will take with you so that you enjoy, observe and everything is well. We will then explain in as much detail as possible how to equip yourself for hiking.

How to equip for hiking

Hiking boots

1- When we equip for hiking the shoes we choose will be one of the vital factors for the adventure, because you must protect your feet properly. They are going to support all the weight of the body and when doing Hiking you will be submitting to steep, complicated and even aggressive terrain. It is then necessary to exercise extreme caution. The mountain footwear must have a thick non-slip sole with a deep drawing that grips the ground.

2- When choosing the mountain footwear, you can choose preferably a boot style, which further protects the ankles. Also the type sneaker can be useful, as long as it protects you well. Whatever your choice, it is advisable to use your shoes a couple of times before venturing on a hiking route, use them at home, in the city or during a short exit so that they fit at your feet and do not hurt or produce some kind of pain.

3- In the same way, to make trekking it will be very important that you wear tight socks to the foot, thus avoiding scrapes or blisters. It is very useful if they are made with materials that prevent excessive sweating of the feet (such as synthetic fibers) and if possible do not have any type of seams.

equip for hiking
Hiking for everyone

Suitable clothing for hiking

4- The next thing to keep in mind is the dress. This can vary depending on the time of year or the place in which you are going hiking.

In summer for example, you should never do routes without a shirt – despite the temptation of intense heat – because the rubbing of the backpack will cause wounds and direct rays of the sun can seriously affect your skin.

5- To combat the cold of the winter or of the places with low temperature it is recommended to wear diverse clothes covered, so that they are created thin layers of air between them allowing them to be easier to warm up. Of course, you can take some clothes off in case you are too hot.

Equip for hikin
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In weather conditions that are too cold or in bad weather, polar liners and waterproof jackets will be very useful. If these clothes include hood, much better, as they will be very practical in case of rain or very intense cold.

Hiking luggage

6- On the other hand, when it comes to equipment for hiking, it will be very important the backpack of your choice. This should be comfortable, large enough to carry everything you need, without gaining too much weight to make it easy to carry. It should be adapted to your height and it is advisable to have straps to tie it at the waist and / or chest. Waterproof backpack covers are also very useful. You will avoid getting your belongings wet.

¿How will you pack your backpack?

Sunglasses to protect your vision.
Canteen that is big enough not to have to fill it constantly. The water keeps you well hydrated.
Cap or hat to prevent the sun directly striking your head and face.
Compass and map of the route that you are going to carry out.
Mobile phone to use in case of emergency. Apply for lovers of photography.
Sunscreen with the right factor to take care of your skin.
First-aid kit for minor injuries.

what is trekking
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If your route is planned to run for several days, you should bring a tent and/or sleeping bag. Keep in mind that if you equip for hiking in the most appropriate way everything is going to be great, you will plenty enjoy the experience and you will have a lot of fun. Think ahead of time what are you going to take for the trip, plan and prepare well. Now that you know how to equip yourself for hiking, to go trekking, ¿what do you expect ?, go to walk!