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what is hiking


Maybe you’re wondering about hiking? Hiking or Hiking (by its name in English) is a sport, yes, as you just read. A sport that connects you with nature.
How to go hiking

If you are an expert in hiking practices and practices, we congratulate you, nothing better than in the mountains and come into contact with pure nature! In Hiking 7 trails You can be of help to you. Visit our store, you will find those items that you will like.

If you do not know much about the subject, but this time you have heard about hiking or hiking (name in English), on television, with your friends, on the radio or have read in the newspaper, we have a lot of information for you. will vastly expand knowledge about this sport. You can prepare the best possible way to start practicing.

In the event that you have not found anything about hiking, you will report a lot on this website. In addition, you can prepare the most appropriate way to go hiking in any environment, anywhere in the world.

You will learn about the best hiking routes (which you can do), the most appropriate clothing and equipment, the best food for hiking and much more. In summary, we provide everything you need to know so you can fully enjoy this magnificent experience.

Do you know what Hiking is?


Also called hiking (name in English), nowadays hiking is a sport of adventure and physical endurance. I do not know with what safety the hiking was invented, but with the love of walking with the outdoors and with the need to maintain nature. It is ideal for those who want to bond with the environment.

The hiking takes place in a natural environment. It has different degrees of difficulty and as a focus, it can be a mixture of physical activity and tourism.

what is hiking about

It is also called Trekking (although there are debates in the respect, it is considered that the term trekking must be used in different contexts) and is based on hiking trails that cross natural states such as mountains, mountains, valleys and streams, forests, beaches , Banks of streams, rivers, lakes and lagoons. The walks can be classified in any place, like the field, for example, or in some inhospitable desert.

Likewise, the different hiking trails have different types of duration. That is, mixing with the different climatic and geographical conditions that we can find, making hiking a very varied sport, perfect for any type of person.
Can anyone practice hiking then?

The answer to this question is: yes. Practically anyone can practice Hiking. There are, in addition to the varied difficulty, special qualities, such as Adapted Hiking, for example. Here you can learn more about Adapted Hiking.

The hiking is wonderful to know unique landscapes and landscapes. A walk that can be done with the different levels of difficulty, from the beginning to the advanced professional, and that we will give the memories for the rest of our lives.
Basic tips for hiking

The first thing to keep in mind is that in any of the scenarios, at any level of difficulty and in any context it is important to always be well informed about the place where we go. Under no circumstances try hiking in a place you do not know.

The rights of use and climate. It is advisable to know what are the cares to have, the indispensable tools to carry out with us and many other things to take into account. Quiet, on this website for walkers.

The important thing is to have good disposition, excellent attitude, a lot of desire and desire for adventure. All this together, will guide us through the best hiking trails on this planet so giant and full of beauty.